We offer a wide range of programmes which includes the following:


Elovuyo Creche/Pre-school


We offer creche facillities to the disadvantaged communities of Port Elizabeth. We currently have ± 100 children in our care.


Social problems do not seem to diminish over time, but rather take on another character or form. Poverty is the foremost problem since many households rely on the social grant for a parent or a grandparent to sustain the whole family. The high unemployment rate and HIV/AIDS epedemic exacerbate this. Many older persons are taking care of children ophaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic or by both parents who are working to sustain the family. Ther is also the problem of famliy violence such as abused women and children which inturn is felt by the elders and women experience this social problem through their offspring. Teenage pregnancies, school dropouts and the allurement of shebeens, taverns, etc constitute to these social hazards in the community.


Leadership Camps

Step Up leadership camps helps students understand their true potential in life which would inturn help them to make responsible choices that would not only impact them positively but also the broader society.


Computer Classes


We introduce basic computer literacy to the community.